Montreal Neuroethics Conference for Young Researchers 2015

Montreal Neuroethics Conference for Young Researchers 2015

The Montreal Neuroethics Conference for Young Researchers 2015 will be held in Montréal, Québec, on April 17th, 2015 at Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal (IRCM), Montréal, Quebec. This one-day international conference is aimed at young researchers, trainees, and students from all fields interested in neuroethics. In addition to the program on the day of the event, we are hosting an essay competition where winning papers will be candidates for fast-tracked publication in a special issue of the journal Neuroethics. Additionally, up to twenty-five abstracts of the highest quality will be considered for publication in Neuroethics.

Local Organizing Committee: Veljko Dubljevic Ph.D./D. Phil., Victoria Saigle, and Eric Racine Ph.D.

International Advisory Committee: Matthew Barker, Ph.D. (Concordia); Luc Faucher, Ph.D. (UQAM); Lesley Fellows, MDCM/Ph.D. (McGill); Cynthia Forlini, Ph.D. (Queensland); Walter Glannon, Ph.D./D.Phil (UCalgary); Judy Illes, Ph.D. (UBC); Fabrice Jotterand, Ph.D. (Regis University); Ralf Jox, MD/Ph.D. (LMU Munich); Artur Kania, Ph.D. (IRCM); Neil Levy, Ph.D./D.Phil (Oxford/Melbourne); Dan Stein, MD/Ph.D. (Cape Town); Bryn Williams-Jones, Ph.D. (UdeM); and Kevin Chien Chang Wu MD/LLM/Ph.D. (National Taiwan University).

Program :
8:30-9:00 Welcome
9:00-10:00 Panel: Social responsibility of neuroscience
Confirmed Speakers: John Breitner, M.D. (McGill); Emily Bell, Ph.D. (IRCM); Artur Kania, Ph.D. (IRCM)
10:00-10:15 Break (coffee/tea)
10:15-11:15 Panel: Cognitive enhancement
Confirmed Speakers: Jennifer Chandler, LL.M. (UOttawa); Alexandre Erler, Ph.D. (UdeM); Veljko Dubljevic, Ph.D./D.Phil. (IRCM)
11:15-12:30 Poster session & lunch
12:30-13:30 Roundtable: How to be successful in your early Neuroethics career
Confirmed Speakers: Eric Racine, Ph.D. (IRCM), Tommaso Bruni, Ph.D. (UWesternOntario), Lucie Wade, M.Sc (McGill/JGH), Jaime Flamenbaum, M.D. (CIHR)
13:30-13:45 Break (coffee/tea)
13:45-14:45 Oral presentations of essay winners
14:45-15:00 Break (coffee/tea)
15:00-16:30 Key note lecture: The Neurobiology of Morality, James Blair, Ph.D. (NIH)
16:30-17:00 Awards Ceremony and Closing Statement

Call for Papers and Abstracts:
We are now accepting abstracts for poster presentations and essays written by students and young researchers for the “Montreal Neuroethics Conference for Young Researchers” that will take place April 17th, 2015. The abstract and essay submission deadline is January 19th, 2015 at 11:59pm.

Possible topics for submission include (but are not limited to):
• Animal Ethics in Neuroscience Research
• Informed Consent in Neuroscience and/or Neurology
• Neuroimaging and Incidental Findings
• Ethics of Cognitive/Mood/Moral Enhancement
• Legitimate Knowledge Transfer: e.g. Military/Security Use
• Business Ethics and Neuromarketing
• Regulation of Innovative Neurosurgery
• Ethics in Psychiatry
• Definitions of Brain Death
• Neuroscience and Presuppositions of Ethics (e.g. Autonomy, Rationality, Moral Judgment, etc.)
• Social Impact of Neuroscience (e.g. gender, stigma of neurodevelopmental disorders)
• Communication of Neuroscientific Findings
• Neurogaming
• Neuroeducation
• Free will, self-control & voluntary action
• Ethical, legal and social issues in Addiction
• Neurolaw

Applicants may choose to submit (1) an abstract for a poster presentation and/or (2) an abstract accompanying a full essay. Both the essay and the abstract are due on January 19th. 2015 at 11:59pm.

If you choose to write the full essay, please prepare it for blind review and formatted according to Neuroethics journal submission guidelines. The essays should be a maximum of 4000 words (excluding references). We will accept submissions in both English and French. However, French articles will need to be translated if they are selected for publication in Neuroethics. On the first page, please include the abstract using the format detailed in the “ABSTRACT SUMISSION FORM” (available at:

Format your abstract for both the poster presentation and/or essay competition as outlined in the “ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FORM.”

Please email all submissions to with the name of the conference, your full name, and the competition you are entering (essay competition and/or poster presentation) in the title. If you are applying for a travel bursary, please indicate this in the title as well.

Awards and Travel Bursaries
• Five essay submissions will be chosen to give oral presentations at the conference.
• Three prizes will be awarded for the best essays ($500, $250, and $150).
• One prize will be given for the best poster presentation ($100).
• The “Sonia Lupien Award” and the “Mark Hallett Award” will be each be given to a poster detailing work in the area of (1) social responsibility of neuroscience, or (2) the neuroscience of ethics.

A limited number of travel bursaries will be given to the applicants based on significance, need, and distance. To be considered for a travel bursary, please submit the following:
• Abstract,
• Your CV, and;
• A 250-word personal statement about your neuroethics interests.

Poster Presentation Information
Should your abstract be accepted for presentation, please do not prepare your poster any larger than the maximum size of 4ft x 4ft or 1.1m x 1.1m.


Veljko Dubljevic PhD, Victoria Saigle, and Eric Racine PhD

Montreal Neuroethics Conference for Young Researchers

Local Organizing Committee

Neuroethics Unit, Institut de recherches cliniques de Montréal

110 avenue des Pins Ouest, Montreal, QC, H2W 1R7 //