Information about Applying for Faculty Positions in System Pathology for Neurological Disorders in Brain Research Institute, Niigata University.


  1. Research fields and number of positions
    Research field: Neuroscience, Neuropathology.
    Position/Number of people: Professor or Associate Professor / 2
  2. Required qualifications
    Applicants must have a doctoral degree, research experience in neurological disorders, and a strong desire to conduct creative, innovative research.
  3. Salary and terms of employment
    (1) Salary: Based on the Niigata University Employee Salary Regulations
    (2) Period: from June 1, 2016 (tentative) – March 31, 2021 (tentative)
    During the period of employment (5 years), researchers will undergo an interim review in the third year.


    Other: If the performance is judged to be of a high standard, there will be a potential to be hired to full-time positions.
  4. Research environment
    We offer extensive opportunities for collaboration within our own extensive community. Depend on the budget allowance, there is an opportunity to employ a technical assistant.
  5. Closing date and selection procedures
    (1) Deadline for applying: 17:00 on Saturday, April 30, 2016 (Japan Standard Time)
    Method of selection: An initial screening will be conducted by means of a document review, and a second screening will be conducted by interview (including presentation) of a candidate who passes the first stage selection.
    The institute plans to conduct the second screening by early May at the University.

    (3) Selection results: Applicants will be notified as soon as a decision is made.

  6. Where to make inquiries
    Brain Research Institute, Niigata University
Please refer to following URL for detailed information.