Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroscience in the Laboratory of Linda Buck

We invite applications for Postdoctoral Fellowship positions in the laboratory of Linda Buck, an HHMI (Howard Hughes Medical Institute) Investigator at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. The lab is located in the Basic Sciences Division, which includes labs investigating a variety of topics in neuroscience and molecular and cell biology. It is affiliated with the nearby University of Washington, which can be reached by shuttle bus for collaborations and seminars.

Successful candidates will investigate the mechanisms and neural circuits that underlie odor perception or instinctive odor responses in mice. Projects will utilize a variety of research tools, including transcriptomics, molecular biology, genetics, behavioral analysis, chemogenetics, and/or optogenetics. Current lab interests and future directions are described at the following websites: and

Applicants should be enthusiastic about science, organized, and have a background in neuroscience, molecular biology, or cell biology. Interested applicants should send their CV, a short description of current and future research interests, and the names and email addresses of three references to Linda Buck at