Postdoctoral positions at Paris Descartes University
(パリ第5大学ポスドク募 集)

Within a newly funded European Research Council Advanced grant (‘SingleSite’; recipient: Alain Marty; duration: 5 years), two postdoctoral positions are open starting in 2013.

We have recently established a new method allowing selective stimulation of single synaptic sites in brain slices (Trigo et al. 2012, PNAS). The method opens new avenues of research concerning basic mechanisms of synaptic transmission in central synapses. It will shed light on issues suh as the degree of saturation of synaptic channels following quantal release, the existence and functional role of vesicular docking sites, the rate of vesicle filling with neurotransmitter and the influence of the filling state of vesicles on synaptic transmission. Work will combine paired recordings of synaptically connected neurons in brain slices, advanced optical methods, and modelling.

Work will be performed in the Laboratory of Brain Physiology
(, a research laboratory located in the center of Paris (200 m away from the Louvre or the Orsay Museum), within a large research institute belonging to Paris Descartes University.

Applicants should have experience in synaptic physiology of mammalian synapses.
Familiarity with modern optical methods appied to neurophysiology will be a premium. Applicants should send CV, references and motivation letter to Alain Marty ( Application deadline: December 15, 2012.