2016 Student Member Re-Registration and Junior Member Registration

We have information about the changes from a student member to a regular member.
Note: The Society’s fiscal year begins in January and ends in December.

2016 Student Member Re-Registration
If you will be maintaining your eligibility as a Student Member beyond January 2016, as stipulated in the Bylaws of the Japan Neuroscience Society, please mail, fax (03-3813-0296), or email as an attachment (student-junior@jnss.org )the following no later than November 30, 2015.

  1. Name
  2. Membership number (contact the Office of the Society if you do not know it)
  3. University and department affiliation
  4. E-mail address
  5. A copy of your student ID instead of your certification of enrollment if you prefer.
    a copy of your certification of enrollment along,

If you are faxing your student ID, please make sure that all of the information (your name, affiliation, expiration date, etc.) is legible and not completely black.
If you are using the postal service, copy your document onto an A4 size paper and write down your name, membership number, affiliation, and e-mail address in the empty space on the paper.
 After re-registration for 2016 as a Student Member, you will be required to pay the membership fee of 3,000 Japanese yen.

 Even if you will be losing your eligibility as a Student Member at the end of March 2016 due to graduation or completion of your program, you will retain your status as a Student Member until the end of December 2016, if you would re-register in this opportunity (in the year 2015).
 However, please be advised that for the 39th Annual Meeting of the Society to be held from July 20(Wed.) to 22 (Fri.), 2016, at Pacifico Yokohama, you will be charged the same amount as a Regular Member for the participation fee, etc.
 If you would like to change your status to a Regular Member starting April 2016, please contact a membership representative of the Society office. After the shift of the member status , the difference in membership fee will be charged.

【2016 Junior Member Registration: 】
 As defined in Part II of the Bylaws of the Society, Junior Membership is reserved for former Student Members who have lost their eligibility as of January 2014 or later, and is valid for up to five years after the loss of eligibility. It is a new membership category for which a Regular Member can make a recommendation, created to aid young postgraduate researchers.
 Special Note: You may have re-registered as a Student Member prior to January 2015, when you might lose your Student Member eligibility at the end of March 2015 due to graduation or program completion. In this case, you are still officially a Student Member until the end of December 2015. Therefore, you are eligible to apply for registration as a Junior Member for 2016.

Application・Recommendation for Junior member form

 The completed application form must arrive at the Office of the Society (contact information at end of document) via postal service, fax (03-3813-0296), or email (student-junior@jnss.org) no later than November 30, 2015.
 Once your application is accepted and you become registered with the Society, you will be charged the 2016 annual membership fee of 6,000 Japanese yen (JPY) as a Junior Member.
 If you forget to register as a Student or Junior Member by the deadline this year, you will automatically become a Regular Member as of January 2016, and will be charged the annual membership fee of 10,000 JPY. Please be aware that if you have an automatic payment set up, the 10,000 JPY membership fee will be drawn from your account.

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