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Axonal Transport and Cytoskeleton

開催日 2014/9/13
時間 11:00 - 12:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Primary cultured hippocampal neurons prepared from drebrin knockout mice show the decrease of MAP2 positive dendrites at late developmental stage

  • P3-015
  • 小金澤 紀子 / Noriko Koganezawa:1 梶田 裕貴 / Yuki Kajita:1 児島 伸彦 / Nobuhiko Kojima:1,2 崎村 建司 / Kenji Sakimura:3 白尾 智明 / Tomoaki Shirao:1 
  • 1:群馬大院医神経薬理 / Department of Neurobiology and Behavior, Gunma University Graduate School of Medicine 2:東洋大学 生命科学部生命科学科 / Department of Life Sciences, Toyo University, Itakura, Japan 3:新潟大学 脳研究所 細胞神経生物学分野 / Department of Cellular Neurobiology, Brain Research Institute, Niigata University, Niigata, Japan 

Drebrin has critical functions in synaptic transmission and plasticity; therefore it is thought to be in a responsible position of learning and memory. Drebrin plays an important role in regulation of spine morphology via modulating the helix pitch of actin filaments. We have previously shown that NMDA receptor activation induces a shift in subcellular distribution of drebrin (Sekino et al., 2006). It has been recently reported that NMDA receptor activation suppresses microtubule entry in dendritic spines (Kapitein et al., 2011) and drebrin acts as a positive regulator of microtubules entry into spines through the interaction of drebrin with microtubule-binding protein EB3 (Merriam et al., 2013). To investigate further relationship between drebrin and microtubules, we used primary cultured hippocampal neurons prepared from drebrin knockout (DXKO) mice. Drebrin has two isoforms, embryonic (E) and adult (A) isoforms, and both isoforms were genetically deleted in the DXKO mice. First, microtubules associated protein 2 (MAP2) was analyzed immunocytochemically using 21 days in vitro (DIV) neurons. We have detected less MAP2 positive neurons in DXKO neurons than wild-type neurons. On the other hand, detection level of β-III-tubulin, a microtubule element expressed exclusively in neurons, was comparable in both neurons. We then conducted the immunocytochemical analysis using developing neurons and found neurons in the early stage of development, such as in 2 DIV neurons, MAP2 can be detected similar to the normal neurons. This indicates that aberrant MAP2 distribution is appeared only at late developmental stages, and suggests that this aberrant MAP2 distribution might be associated with the appearance of NMDA receptors at synaptic sites.

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