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Glia and Glia-Neuron Interaction

開催日 2014/9/12
時間 11:00 - 12:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Relation with decrease of thymidine incorporation and cell death by oxidative stress in cultured astrocytes

  • P2-071
  • 田中 康一 / Koh-ichi Tanaka:1,2,3 北中 順惠 / Nobue Kitanaka:2 北中 純一 / Junichi Kitanaka:2 山際 友花 / Yuka Yamagiwa:1 糸井 正二郎 / Shyohjiroh Itoi:1 塚原 飛央 / Tobio Tsukahara:2 佐藤 友昭 / Tomoaki Sato:3 竹村 基彦 / Motohiko Takemura:2 馬場 明道 / Akemichi Baba:1 西山 信好 / Nobuyoshi Nishiyama:1 
  • 1:兵庫医療大薬薬理 / Div Pharmacol, Dept Pharm, Sch Pharm, Hyogo Univ of Health Sci, Hyogo, Japan 2:兵庫医大医薬理 / Dept Pharmacol, Hyogo Col of Med, Hyogo, Japan 3:鹿児島大院医歯歯科応用薬理 / Dept Applied Pharmacol, Kagoshima Univ Grad Sch of Med & Dent Sci, Kagoshima, Japan 

We have found that cultured astrocytes pretreated with N6, 2'-O-dibutyryladenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (DBcAMP), a permeable analogue of cAMP, but not astrocytes pretreated without DBcAMP and neurons, have the ability to incorporate thymidine into acid insoluble fraction via equilibrative nucleoside transporter 2 (ENT2) and concentrative nucleoside transporter (CNT3) at an early time (15-30 min) for repair on hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-induced DNA injury.

We studied the relation to thymidine incorpoaration and cell death by H2O2 in cultured astrocytes. Cell death was assessed by staining of propidium iodide and MTT assay. The treatment of H2O2 for 60 and 30 min induced acute and delayed cell death in the different concentration dependent manners, respectively. The inhibiton of CNT (removal of extracellular Na+) or ENT (addition of nitrobenzylthioinosine, dilazep, dipyridamole: ENT inhibitors) promoted delayed cell death.

These finding indicate that the inhibition of the system of nucleoside transport-DNA repair might induce delayed cell death in cultured differentiated astrocytes on H2O2-induced DNA injury.

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