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Stress, Autonomic Nervous System and Respirarion

開催日 2014/9/12
時間 9:00 - 10:00
会場 Room J(313+314)
Chairperson(s) 堀田 晴美 / Harumi Hotta (地方独立行政法人 東京都健康長寿医療センター研究所 自律神経機能 / Department of Autonomic Neuroscience, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Japan)
荒田 晶子 / Akiko Arata (兵庫医科大学 生理学・生体機能部門 / Department of Physiology, Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan)

Functional anatomy of the rhythmogenic inspiratory premotor information pathway from the preBotzinger complex

  • O2-J-1-3
  • 岡田 泰昌 / Yasumasa Okada:1 越久 仁敬 / Yoshitaka Oku:2 横田 茂文 / Shigefumi Yokota:3 小山田 吉孝 / Yoshitaka Oyamada:4 安井 幸彦 / Yukihiko Yasui:3 越谷 直弘 / Naohiro Koshiya:5 
  • 1:国立病院機構村山医療センター / Lab Electrophysiol, Clin Res Ctr, Murayama Med Ctr, Tokyo, Japan 2:兵庫医大生理(生体機能) / Dept Physiol, Hyogo Coll of Med, Nishinomiya, Japan 3:島根大医解剖・神経形態 / Dept Anat Morphol Neurosci, Shimane Univ, Izumo, Japan 4:東京医療センター・呼吸器 / Dept Respirol, Tokyo Med Ctr, Tokyo, Japan 5:NIH - NINDS, Bethesda MD, USA / NIH - NINDS, Bethesda MD, USA 

The preBotzinger complex (preBotC) of the ventrolateral medulla is the kernel for inspiratory rhythm generation. However, it is not understood how inspiratory neural activity is generated in the preBotC and propagates to other regions. We analyzed the anatomical connectivity to and from the preBotC and functional aspects of the inspiratory information propagation from the preBotC on the transverse plane of the medulla. Tract-tracing with immunohistochemistry in adult rats demonstrated that neurokinin-1 receptor- and somatostatin-immunoreactive neurons in the preBotC are embedded in the plexus of axons originating in the contralateral preBotC. By voltage-imaging in slices of neonatal rats, we analyzed origination and propagation of inspiratory neural activity as depolarizing wave dynamics on the entire transverse plane as well as within the preBotC. Novel combination of pharmacological blockade of glutamatergic transmission and mathematical subtraction of the video images under blockade from the control images extracted glutamatergic signal propagations. By high-speed voltage-imaging we demonstrated conduction of action potentials along the inter-preBotC tract. Intra-preBotC imaging during a single spontaneous inspiratory cycle unveiled deterministic nonlinearities, i.e., chaos, in the population recruitment. Collectively, we comprehensively elucidated the anatomical pathways to and from the preBotC and dynamics of inspiratory information propagation: (1) from the preBotC in one side to the contralateral preBotC, which would synchronize the bilateral rhythmogenic kernels, (2) from the preBotC directly to the bilateral hypoglossal premotor and motor areas as well as to the nuclei tractus solitarius, and (3) from the hypoglossal premotor areas toward the hypoglossal motor nuclei. The coincidence of identified anatomical and functional connectivity between the preBotC and other regions in adult and neonatal rats, respectively, indicates that this fundamental connectivity is already well developed at birth.

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