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The JNS Meeting Plannerは学会用スケジュール管理Webサービスです。聴講したいセッションや演題を検索し自分のスケジュールとして登録することで、学会期間中のオリジナル予定表「The JNS Meeting Planner」が作成できます。インターネットにアクセスできる環境があればどなたでも無料でご利用いただけますのでぜひご活用ください。

Welcome to the JNS Meeting Planner! With this free online service, you can serch for specific presentations by specifying Session Type, Session Title, Presentation Title, Author Name, and Affliation. You can also browse and exlore sessions by Type or Date. Finally, you can create your own schedule of meeting.


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Find specific results on Session Type, Session Title, Presentation Title, Author Name, and Institution. You can also filter your results by day.
The JNS Meeting Planner
Create your own schedule of meeting.

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Information and data included in abstracts presented at the JNS annual meeting are embargoed until the conclusion of the presentation or JNS press conference.

Abstracts can be cited after as follows:

Sample Citation:
[Authors], [Abstract Title], Program No. XX-X-X-X. 2017 JNS Meeting Planner. Makuhari: Japan Neuroscience Society, 2017. Online.
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