The 2nd Annual IIIS Symposium ~Solving the mystery of sleep~

The International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, University of Tsukuba, will be holding the 2nd Annual IIIS Symposium ~Solving the mystery of sleep~ on Monday, January 20th at the Tsukuba International Congress Center.

At IIIS, we gather globally prominent scientists from multiple research fields contributing to the neurobiology of sleep. They cooperate together to elucidate the fundamental principles of sleep/wake regulation, and develop new strategies to assess and treat sleep diseases as well as the closely associated metabolic and mental disorders. We encourage researchers, technicians and students with an interest in these fields to actively take part in this symposium.

Time: Monday, January 20, 2014
Venue: Tsukuba International Congress Center EPOCHAL TSUKUBA Conference Room 102
Chairman: Masashi Yanagisawa (IIIS Director / Professor)

Yang Dan (University of California at Berkeley)
Yu Hayashi (IIIS, University of Tsukuba)
Kazuhiko Kume (Nagoya City University)
Thomas J. McHugh (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)
Hitoshi Okamura (Kyoto University)
Toru Takumi (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)
Matthew A. Wilson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Masashi Yanagisawa (IIIS, University of Tsukuba)

Language: English
Fee: Free (Reception charge: General 3,000JPY, Student 2,000 JPY)
Registration: Advance web registration is required.
Contact: International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine (IIIS)
TEL: 029-853-5857