Announcement of 2016 JNS-SfN Exchange Travel Awardees

The Call for Application of 2016 JNS-SfN Exchange Travel Award, which started from in 2012, was opened from April 1 to May 13 this year. We obtained 31 superb applications and the selection was made by the Committee of International Affairs of the JNS (Member list is indicated below).
We congratulate the following 5 awardees;

Tom Macpherson (Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)
Takuya Isomura (Graduate School of Frontier Science, The University of Tokyo)
Kenichi Toma (RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology)
Tadashi Tsubota (Brain Science Institute, RIKEN)
Masanori Isobe (Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University)
*Click names of awardees to see their “SfN report 2016”
An excerpt from“ Neuroscience News 1 February 2017 Consecutive Number 209”

The awardees are supposed to attend the International Fellows Orientation Session and International Fellows Poster Session on the first day of the meeting.

The criteria of the selection were below;

  1. Good abstract and motivation letter. But not only that, the past scientific achievements by the applicants were also evaluated, because the awardees are supposed to attend the special sessions by the SfN as representatives of the JNS.
  2. Basically, decision was made by votes by the committee members (the conflict of interest was considered). However, variety of research fields, affiliations and gender were considered throughout the selection process.
  3. Initially, this call for applications was founded to support the traveling fee of the young scientists suffering from the outcome of the big earthquake in 2011. However, since we receive a large number of applications, we decided to choose the scientifically best applications.

If you have any opinions or comments on this award, please contact the JNS office (

August 18, 2016,

The International Affairs Committee of the JNS,
ChairTadashi Isa
MembersAtsushi Iriki
Haruhiko Bito
Noriko Osumi
Hiroyuki Kamiguchi
Yasushi Okamura
Mami Noda