Urgent call for CNS travel award application (deadline: July 23rd, 2017)

Dear JNS members,

Recently, JNS is enhancing the relationship with the Chinese Neuroscience Society(CNS) and inviting several young scientists to the Annual Meeting with travel award. In response to this, the CNS also welcomes Japanese young scientists to their biennual meeting with travel award. This year, the 12th Chinese Neuroscience Meeting will be held in Tianjin on October 13-15 this year.
The website of the CNS is http://www.cns.org.cn/2017/index.asp.
JNS will encourage our members to participate in the meeting to strengthen the human network between China and Japan.

The CNS supplies 1000US$ for travel and accommodation, and waives the registration fee for each of the 6 travel awardees.

Here we announce the call for application of the travel award to the CNS with deadline of July 23 (Sun). The applicants (students or postdocs) should send the name, age, affiliation, position, JNS membership number, motivation letter (within either 400 characters in Japanese or 250 words in English), and the abstract in a MS Word file (within 1 page) as an attached file and send to the JNS office (application@jnss.org) with the title of “Application for CNS travel award”. Successful applicants will be requested to submit an abstract and finish their registration by the end of July.

Best regards,

Haruhiko Bito
Chair, International Collaboration Affairs Committee, JNS