Brain Science Summer Program 2018

Each summer, RIKEN BSI hosts about 50 promising young researchers for a one-week lecture course, with the idea of promoting international exchange among lecturers, students, and RIKEN. There is also a two-month internship course, and students for both parts of the program are selected from an excellent group of applicants from all around the world.

Dates: Lecture Course: July 9-14, 2018.
Internship Course: June 13-Aug. 8 Lecture Course Place: Ohkouchi Hall, RIKEN, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wakoshi, Saitama, Japan
Application deadline: February 28, 2018.

The theme title for the 2018 lecture course is;
“Untangling the Mysterious Brain – Cognition, Memory and Consciousness –”
The program will give you a chance to reflect on what our inner, subjective experiences mean, and how we can study them with scientific tools.

The lecturers:
Michael Hausser, University College London
Akiko Hayashi-Takagi, Gunma University
Ryota Kanai, Araya Inc.
Kiyoto Kasai, The University of Tokyo
Fusao Kato, Jikei University School of Medicine
Wu Li, Beijing Normal University
Eve Marder, Brandeis University
Reiko Mazuka, RIKEN BSI
Thomas J. McHugh, RIKEN BSI
Taro Toyoizumi, RIKEN BSI
Inna Slutsky, Tel Aviv University
Emre Yaksi, Kavli Institute, NTNU

Summer Program 2018 Organizing Committee:
Masanori Murayama, Motomasa Tanaka, Taro Toyoizumi, Hiroyuki Kamiguchi and Yoshihiro Yoshihara