The 49th Natl Inst Physiol Sci (NIPS) International Symposium
“Ion channels: looking back, seeing ahead”

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Date: December 5-8, 2018
Venue: Okazaki Conference Center (Okazaki, Aichi)

Organizers: Keiji Imoto (NIPS), Yasuo Mori (Kyoto Univ)
Secretary-General: Yoshihiro Kubo (NIPS) (ykubo(a)

Registration & Call for poster presentation:
September 15- October 15, 2018
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– Registration is free of charge
– The domestic travel cost in Japan and stay fee in Okazaki of approximately 20 poster presenters will be supported by NIPS.

[Overseas speakers]

Geoffrey Abbott (Irvine, USA)
Direct neurotransmitter activation of voltage-gated potassium channels

Baron Chanda (Madison, USA)
Molecular mechanisms of voltage- and ligand-gating in HCN channels

Emily Liman (Los Angeles, USA)
Identification of a new family of proton-selective ion channels: the otopetrins

José López-Barneo (Seville, Spain)
Acute oxygen sensing: Mitochondria signaling to membrane ion channels

Dan Minor (San Francisco, USA)
Discovery of a cryptic, druggable site in the heart of a polymodal ion channel

Guillaume Sandoz (Nice, France)
Heteromerization of K2P channels: from physiology to physiopathology

Alexander Sobolevsky (New York, USA)
Structural mechanisms of gating in ionotropic glutamate receptors

Lu-Yang Wang (Toronto, Canada)
Presynaptic ion channels and plasticity

Jian Yang (New York, USA)
Structural basis of function and regulation of the endolysosomal calcium channel TRPML3

Michael Zhu (Houston, USA)
Excitatory neurotransmission mediated by TRPC4 channels

[Domestic speakers]

Yuji Furutani (Okazaki)
Infrared spectroscopy analyzing “molecular fingerprint” of the selectivity filter in potassium channels

Yuji Hara (Kyoto)
Cell surface flip-flop of phosphatidylserine is critical for PIEZO1-mediated myotube formation

Hiroshi Hibino (Niigata)
Measurement and physiological significance of nanoscale vibrations in the cochlear sensory epithelium of the inner ear

Keiji Imoto (NIPS)
Ion channel wonderland

Keiko Ishihara (Kurume)
New insights into basic properties of the strong inward rectifier K+ channel.

So Iwata (Kyoto)
Time resolved protein crystallography using SACLA

Tomoya Kubota (Suita)
Voltage-gated Na+ channel -The structural function relationship and the channelopathy-

Yasuo Mori (Kyoto)
Changes in redox status activate TRP channels: underlying mechanisms and its significance

Shigetoshi Oiki (Fukui)
Renovating lipid bilayer systems for studying channel-membrane interplays

Yasushi Okamura (Suita)
Mechanisms and physiological roles of voltage-sensing phosphatase

Takushi Shimomura (NIPS)
Molecular mechanisms of the depolarization-induced potentiation of two-pore Na+ channel 3 (TPC3)

Ayako Takeuchi (Fukui)
Roles of mitochondrial Ca channels/transporters in cellular functions

Akiyuki Taruno (Kyoto)
CALHMs: Fast-activating voltage-gated ATP channels for rapid purinergic neuro-transmission

Makoto Tominaga (NIPS)
Structure and function of thermosensitive TRP channels