Postdoc position at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore

Postdoc position at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore
Two Research Fellow (postdoc) positions are immediately available in the laboratory of Dr. Ayumu Tashiro in School of Biological Sciences at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Our work focuses on the function of hippocampal circuitry through a multi-disciplinary approach combining virus-mediated genetic manipulation, optogenetics, behavioral analysis and electrophysiological/Ca2+ imaging techniques.

Successful candidates will investigate
1) Mechanisms underlying spatial representation (place cell activity) in the hippocampus of free behaving rodents, using electrophysiological and/or calcium imaging techniques
2) Opto-electrical bimodal recording of activity of newly-generated neurons in the dentate gyrus

Kitanishi et al., Neuron, 86, 1265-76, 2015
Cobar et al., Neurobiol Learn Mem. 138: 206-214, 2016
Tashiro et al., Nature, 442: 929-33, 2006

1) PhD degree in neuroscience, engineering or related field
2) Experience in electrophysiological, imaging, computational or molecular technique

To apply, please send C.V. (and optionally a description of your interest related to the two topics above) by email to