SfN2018 SfN-sponsored Social: Global Neuroscience Social

日本神経科学学会では今年より新しい試みとして、SfN annual meeting 2018の期間中にGlobal Neuroscience Socialを開催します。

SfN2018 SfN-sponsored Social: Global Neuroscience Social
Tuesday Nov 6 6:45-8:45pm Marriott Marquis: Grand Ballroom 13

Different countries have different ways of neuroscience. Experiencing neuroscience in foreign countries will give you a new perspective in your science career. This new Global Neuroscience Social is for mixing neuroscientists from American, European and Asian countries and encouraging you to acquire experience in new countries. Three PIs with their own labs in non-native counties will give short presentations to discuss their experiences.

- Want to meet rising-star PIs in various countries?
– Considering applying PI positions in other countries?
– Want to get information for international grant submissions like HSFP or ERC?
Then you should join us!!!

Short Talk Presenters:

  1. Megan Carey. Champalimaud, Portugal (USA→Portugal)
  2. Izumi Fukunaga, OIST, Japan (UK→Germany→Japan)
  3. Emre Yaksi, NTNU, Norway (Turkey→Germany→USA→Belgium→Norway)

Special Guests: Joshua Johansen, Johathan Whitlock, Jayeeta Basu, Takaki Komiyama, Michael Yartsev, Thomas McHugh, Keisuke Yonehara, Hiroshi Ito, Nicolas Tritsch, Tadashi Isa, Haruhiko Bito, Zach Mainen, Barry Everitt

6:45 – 7:00 Free session for grabbing drinks
7;00 – 7:05 Introduction

7:05 – 7:30 Short Talk by Junior/mid-career investigators (5 min talk + 2 min questions) x 3
“How and why I started my career in a new country: scientific advantages to move into my country” (Standing session)

7:30 – 8:45 Free mixer
[Moderator: Noriko Osumi (Tohoku Univ, Japan) and Kei Igarashi (UC Irvine, US)]

Food and drinks
Cash bar and dry snacks will be provided.

Supported by:
Japan Neuroscience Society, FENS, IBRO, Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience NTNU, and Champalimaud Neuroscience Programme.

Contact Info: Noriko Osumi osumi@med.tohoku.ac.jp ; Kei Igarashi kei.igarashi@uci.edu