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Somatosensory System

開催日 2014/9/12
時間 11:00 - 12:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Toward understanding neuronal representation of tactile perception in the mouse somatosensory cortex

  • P2-175
  • 鈴木 崇之 / Takayuki Suzuki:1 本間 千尋 / Chihiro Homma:1 鴨志田 敦史 / Atsushi Kamoshida:1,2 山田 一之 / Kazuyuki Yamada:1 太田 桂輔 / Keisuke Ota:1,3 茂泉 俊次郎 / Shunjiro Moizumi:4 犬束 歩 / Ayumu Inutsuka:5 山中 章弘 / Akihiro Yamanaka:5 織田 充 / Mitsuru Oda:1 山川 宏 / Hiroshi Yamakawa:1 村山 正宜 / Masanori Murayama:1 
  • 1:理化学研究所 脳科学総合研究センター 行動神経生理学研究チーム / Lab for Behavioral Neurophysiology, BSI, RIKEN, Saitama, Japan 2:日本ナショナルインスツルメンツ株式会社 / National Instruments Japan Corporation, Tokyo, Japan 3:日本学術振興会特別研究員PD / JSPS Research Fellow 4:株式会社ソリッドレイ研究所 / Solidray Corporation, Kanagawa, Japan 5:名古屋大学 環境医学研究所 神経系分野Ⅱ / Department of Neuroscience II, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Nagoya University, Nagoya, Ja 

When we touch an object, we acquire information about its shape, texture, temperature and so on. This information allows us to identify the object, and also affects our psychological state, which influences subsequent behaviors. We previously showed that the secondary motor cortex (M2) receives inputs from the primary somatosensory cortex (S1), which is the main cortical target of tactile information, and then sends feedback inputs to S1. Inactivation of M2 projections at S1 reduces sensory stimulus-evoked S1 activity and alters tactile perception in living animals. However, it remains unclear how neuronal activity 1) represents these tactile perceptions and 2) contributes to the perception. To answer these questions, we recorded firing activity in the S1 hindlimb area in head-fixed mice while they ran on two different textures in a virtual reality system. We also investigated how the S1 neuronal representations of the two textures were affected by M2 fiber inactivation.

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