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RNA の制御と機能、翻訳制御
Regulation and Function of RNA, Translational Regulation

開催日 2014/9/13
時間 14:00 - 15:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

HIMAJA : a new motif search engine for control factor of neuronal function

  • P3-040
  • 五十嵐 真奈 / Mana Igarashi:1,2 青井 久 / Hisashi Aoi:3 岡野 ジェイムス洋尚 / Hirotaka J Okano:4 岡野 栄之 / Hideyuki Okano:1 
  • 1:慶應大・医・生理 / Dept. of Physiol., Keio Univ. Sch. Med., Tokyo, Japan 2:上智大・理工 / Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia Univ., Tokyo, Japan 3:立命館大・理工・数理 / Dept Math, Ritsumeikan Univ, Shiga, Japan 4:慈恵医大・医・再生医学 / Div Reg Med, Jikei Univ Sch Med, Tokyo, Japan 

We create a new motif search engine -HIMAJA- for specied sequences in enormous databases. We construct it on our Web server. HIMAJA is made by BioPython --- a tools for biological computation written in Python. We also improve our interface by JSON(JavaS
cript Object Notation). By using HIMAJA, it might be able to determine whether hn
RNP K binds to p21 mRNA 3' UTR by recognizing merely the sequence of the target or al
so the corresponding strcture. And we discovered interesting sequences in some genes, which are highly related to the development of the nervous system.

Neuronal RNA binding protein family Hu is homolog of Drosophila ELAV protein
, which is essential for differentiation and maintenance of the nervous syst
em. In mammals, Hu proteins are expressed in both early postmitotic and matu
re neurons and are shown to induce neuronal differentiation by binding to th
e UTR sequences of specific target mRNAs.To understand the molecular mechani
sm of the function of Hu, we purified HuB associated complexes and identifie
d the components. One of them, hnRNP K, a single strand RNA binding protein
which is directly associated with Hu and also interacts with 3'UTR of p21 mR
NA which is also known as a target of Hu. Previously, we have shown that HuB
binds AU-rich elements in 3'UTR of p21 mRNA and up-regulates p21 expression
. We have also demonstrated that hnRNP K antagonizes the action of Hu by bin
ding CU-rich elements in 3'UTR of p21.

We also show another application to search target of miRNA.

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