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幹細胞、ニューロンとグリアの分化 1
Stem Cells, Neuronal and Glial Production/Differentiation 1

開催日 2014/9/11
時間 17:00 - 18:15
会場 Room J(313+314)
Chairperson(s) 大塚 俊之 / Toshiyuki Ohtsuka (京都大学ウイルス研究所 細胞生物学研究部門 / Department of Cell Biology, Institute for Virus Research, Kyoto University, Japan)
花嶋 かりな / Carina Hanashima (理化学研究所 発生・再生科学総合研究センター / RIKEN Center for Developmental Biology, Japan)

Evolution of basal progenitors in mammalian and non-mammalian pallium

  • O1-J-5-3
  • 野村 真 / Tadashi Nomura:1,5 山下 航 / WATARU YAMASHITA:2 Calegari Federico / Federico Calegari:3 村上 安則 / Yasunori Murakami:4 
  • 1:京都府立医科大学 / Dept of Biology, Kyoto Pref Univ Med, Japan 2:京都大学大学院理学研究科 / Grd Sch of Sci, Kyoto University, Japan 3:ドレスデン再生治療センター、ドイツ / Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden, Germany 4:愛媛大学大学院理工学研究科 / Grd Sch of Sci, Ehime University, Japan 5:JSTさきがけ / JST.PRESTO, Japan 

The emergence of larger brains with enormous numbers of neurons is an evolutionary innovation in several animal groups, particularly mammals and birds. However, the corresponding changes in cortical developmental programs during amniote evolution are poorly understood. In the developing mammalian neocortex, neural stem/progenitors in the ventricular zone give rise to basal progenitors (BPs) including Tbr2-positive intermediate progenitors and Pax6-positive outer radial glial cells (oRGs), which contribute to neuron amplification and encephalization. Here we show that various progenitor populations also exist in the developing avian pallium. Interestingly, avian BPs exhibit mammalian oRGs characteristics, which are distiguished from Tbr2-positive cell population. Manipulation of regulatory genes for progenitor dynamics such as CDK4/CyclinD1 provided distinct outcomes in the mammalian and avian pallium. Furthermore, we identified basal mitotic cells in non-avian reptiles and also amphibians, which implies the origins of progenitor diversities. Our results suggest that specific BPs have evolved independently in mammalian and avian lineages, by modifying ancestral regulatory mechanisms for neural stem/progenitor maintenance during amniote evolution.

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