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Axonal/Dendritic Growth and Circuit Formation

開催日 2014/9/11
時間 16:00 - 17:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

The process in the regeneration of synaptic wiring on cellebelar Purkinje cell dendrite after the damae of climibing fiber or with parallel fiber

  • P1-106
  • 市川 量一 / Ryoichi Ichikawa:1 辰巳 治之 / Haruyuki Tatsumi:1 渡辺 雅彦 / Masahiko Watanabe:2 
  • 1:札幌医大・医・一解 / Dept.of Anat., Sapporo Medical Univ, Sapporo, Jappan 2:北海道大院・医・解剖発生 / Dept Anat, Univ of Hokkaido, Sapporo, Japan 

Purkinje cell (PC) dendrites comprise polarized portion in the spine density or segregated territory in the innervation source. The distal portions of PC dendrites have parallel fiber (PF) synapses in high density and the proximal portions have climbing fiber (CF) synapses in low density. PCs extend their dendrites within sargital plane of cerebellar cortex, PFs run in a vertical direction to sagittal plane and single CF elongates along associated PC dendrite from apical pole of cell somata. To evaluate the regeneration of synaptic wiring after artificial deafferentiation of CF, or CF and PF, we made restricted lesion in inferior olive (IO), or with superficial incision parallel to sagittal plane to murine cerebellar cortex. One day after CF, or CF and PF damage, disappearance of CF synapses is followed the emergence of both PF synapses and numerous free spines at proximal PCD portion. After post-lesion 7 days, the density of the spines at proximal PC dendrite portion of mouse with damaged CFs is almost even as that of CF synapse of control, and the quarter of these spines are innervated by PFs. Conversely the density of the spines at the mouse with damaged both CFs and PFs is significant higher at post-lesion 30 days. Furthermore, the share of PF synapses in the spines progressively increases at proximal PC dendrite portion, which protrudes high density spines, while free spines remain as the quarter of total spines at distal PC dendrite portion. Taken together that the deafferented spines caused by PF damage was completely re-occupied by PFS after post-lesion 7 days, it was suggested that PC dendrite lost the polarity under only innervation by survived PFs after the damage of both PFs and CF.

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