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開催日 2014/9/13
時間 14:00 - 15:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Visual and Proprioceptrive Adaptation of Wrist Position during Ischemic Nerve Block in a Virtual Environment

  • P3-182
  • 乾 信之 / Nobuyuki Inui:1 
  • 1:鳴門教育大学生活健康系 / Grad. Sch. Edu. Naruto Univ. 

Visual and proprioceptive signals conflict when looking through a prism or at a mirror. Our previous study examined the weighting of vision and proprioception of the arm position in participants presented three fake arm positions by a 3D head-mounted display. While the perceived arm position gradually approached the fake arm positions during 30 min, the position of the arm on a display was very gradually perceived as approaching the actual arm position. The original results of the previous study are the slow change in perception over the course of the 30-min session and the adaptation to large rather than small conflicts. The present study examined the effect of vision on the right wrist position in ten participants presented one fake wrist position by a display and blocked somatosensory inputs by cuff inflation of the right upper arm. The participants' right wrist joint were fixed straightly while their fully flexed right wrist was presented on a display for 30 min. To examine the effects of vision on proprioception, the participants demonstrated the perceived position of their right wrist using their left wrist. To examine the effects of proprioception on vision, they further demonstrated the position of their right wrist on a display using their left wrist. Although they fully knew the manipulation of the wrist, the perceived wrist position more closely approached the fake wrist position under the condition with ischemic nerve block than under the condition without ischemic nerve block. While the position of the wrist on a display was not perceived as approaching the actual arm position in both conditions, there was no difference between both conditions for the wrist position on a display. These results indicated that the ischemic nerve block of somatosensory inputs produced the stronger effect of vision on the wrist position.

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