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開催日 2014/9/13
時間 14:00 - 15:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Aspects of oscillatory wave propagation in the neocortex after neocortical legion of rats

  • P3-342
  • 吉村 弘 / Hiroshi Yoshimura:1,2 須貝 外喜夫 / Tokio Sugai:2 冨永 貴志 / Takashi Tominaga:3 冨永 洋子 / Yoko Tominaga:3 長谷川 敬展 / Takahiro Hasegawa:1 姚 陳娟 / Chenjuan Yao:1 赤松 徹也 / Tetsuya Akamatsu:1 加藤 伸郎 / Nobuo Kato:2 
  • 1:徳島大院ヘルスバイオサイエンス・口腔分子生理 / Dept Mol Oral Physiol, Univ of Tokushima Grad Sch, Tokushima, Japan 2:金沢医大院医生理 / Dept Physiol, Kanazawa Med Univ, Ishikawa, Japan 3:徳島文理大香川薬神経科学研 / Inst Neurosci, Tokushima Bunri Univ, Kagawa, Japan 

Vertical and horizontal neural connections in the neocortex contribute to information processing. Horizontal connections enable signal to propagate toward neighboring cortical areas along cortical layers. We previously showed that oscillatory waves can propagate toward horizontal direction in the neocortex. However, aspects of wave propagation after legion of the neocortex have been unclear. In the present study, we generated oscillatory activities by applying caffeine to rat visual cortex slices, and observed how oscillatory waves propagate after local legion of the neocortex. Optical recordings were made to investigate spatio-temporal patterns of signal propagation elicited by electrical stimulation to the primary visual cortex (OC1). In control slices, initial signal propagated from the OC1 to the secondary visual cortex (OC2). After the initial wave arrived at the OC2, oscillatory waves emerged in the OC2, and the waves backpropagated toward the OC1. The signals dominantly traveled along layer II/III. Then, we cut upper layer of the border between the OC1 and OC2. However, initial signal was not interrupted by the cut, and propagate through deep layer of impaired region, and switched on the oscillator in the OC2. Then the oscillatory waves backpropagated toward OC1. In addition, in the same way, wave propagation was not interrupted by the legion of deep layer. These results showed that oscillatory signals can go through along either or both of upper and lower layers. Thus, it is suggested that neural circuits of the neocortex may prepare for cortical local legion, so as not to impair to-and-fro signal communications.

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