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Glia and Glia-Neuron Interaction

開催日 2014/9/13
時間 11:00 - 12:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Structural abnormalities of the nodes of Ranvier by exposed repeated stressful events is associated with the onset of major depressive disorder

  • P3-025
  • 宮田 信吾 / Shingo Miyata:1 小山 佳久 / Yoshihisa Koyama:2 谷口 学 / Manabu Taniguchi:2 清水 尚子 / Shoko Shimizu:1 田中 貴士 / Takashi Tanaka:1 松村 彬世 / Matsumura Akiyo:1 遠山 正彌 / Masaya Tohyama:1 
  • 1:近畿大・東医・分子脳科学 / Div Mol Brain Sci, Res Ins Tra Asian Med, Kinki Univ, Osaka, Japan 2:大阪大院・医・神経機能形態学 / Dept Anat Neurosci, Med, Osaka Univ, Osaka 

Major depression is thought to be a multifactorial disease susceptible to both environmental and genetic factors; however, pathogenesis at the molecular level are still unknown. We have developed an animal model of depression by exposing mice to chronic stress. These mice show depression-like symptoms including chronically elevated plasma levels of corticosterone. Furthermore, we have shown that activation of the PDK1-SGK1-NDRG1 cascade in oligodendrocytes may play a key role in upregulating adhesion molecules and increasing the excess arborization of oligodendrocyte processes in the corpus callosum of chronically stressed mice. In this study, we aimed to understand the relationship between the molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of major depression and the excess arborization of oligodendrocyte processes in the fiber tracts of chronically stressed mice. To do this, we investigated myelin-axon interactions at the nodes and paranodes of Ranvier in the corpus callosum in these mice. Using electron microscopy, we demonstrated that the nodes and paranodes of Ranvier in the corpus callosum were narrower in chronically stressed mice than in control mice. Immunohistochemical analyses of the expression of Caspr and Nav or Kv1.1 and Caspr indicated that the structures of node boundaries were maintained in repeated WIRS-exposed mice, whereas the paranodes and juxtaparanode boundaries were more diffuse in repeated WIRS-exposed mice than in control mice. These results indicate that morphological alterations in nodes and paranodes as well as diffuse expression of Caspr and Kv1.1 might affect axonal activities. Thus, chronic stress-induced dysregulation of the nodes of Ranvier is suggested to be closely associated with the development of major depressive disorder.

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