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Integrative function of higher-order behaviors through interaction of brain neural circuitry

開催日 2014/9/11
時間 17:00 - 19:00
会場 Room B(501)
Chairperson(s) 喜田 聡 / Satoshi Kida (東京農業大学 応用生物科学部バイオサイエンス学科 / Department of Bioscience, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan)
小林 和人 / Kazuto Kobayashi (福島県立医科大学 医学部 生体機能研究部門 / Department of Molecular Genetics, Fukushima Medical University, Japan)

The interaction of the prefrontal cortex and dorsomedial striatum mediates the acquisition of goal-directed action

  • S1-B-3-2
  • Bernard Balleine:1 
  • 1:Brain & Mind Research Institute, University of Sydney, Australia 

The fronto-striatal pathway has long been known to play an important role in executive functions, particularly in decision-making involving goal-directed actions, and changes in this pathway have been linked to the cognitive symptoms associated with various forms of psychiatric disorder, neurodegenerative conditions and addiction. Recent research in animal models has established that this pathway is essential for striatal plasticity associated with the acquisition of new actions; damage to this pathway renders actions less deliberated and more impulsive or habitual. By examining pathway-specific activity using tract tracing coupled with immunohistochemistry, we have found direct evidence that a circuit linking prelimbic prefrontal cortex and a posterior region of dorsomedial striatum mediates the acquisition and consolidation of goal-directed actions. Each hemisphere of the prefrontal cortex projects bilaterally to the dorsomedial striatum via the anterior corpus callosum and, by severing these pathways, our research has established that both the ipsi- and the contralateral projections are essential to normal goal-directed learning. Furthermore, pharmacological disconnection of prefrontal and striatal regions, when coupled with callosotomy, blocked goal-directed learning. Although we found that this pathway was required for learning, it was not required during subsequent retrieval suggesting that the prefrontal cortical input mediates the plasticity at striatal neurons that are then essential for subsequent action selection and evaluation to mediate choice and decision-making. We conclude that plasticity in the striatum induced by direct connections between prefrontal cortex and dorsomedial striatum mediates the acquisition of goal-directed actions.

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