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Cell Migration and Layer/Nuclear Formation

開催日 2014/9/11
時間 11:00 - 12:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Prdm8 regulates the morphological transition at multipolar phase during neocortical development

  • P1-081
  • 水谷 健一 / Ken-ichi Mizutani:1,2 井上 真悠子 / Mayuko Inoue:1,3 黒田 貴雄 / Takao Kuroda:1 本田 文 / Aya Honda:1 鈴木 真理子 / Mariko Suzuki:1 駒井 妙 / Tae Komai:3 眞貝 洋一 / Yoichi Shinkai:4 
  • 1:同志社大院・脳科学 / Grad Sch Brain Science, Doshisha Univ, Kyoto, Japan 2:科学技術振興機構 / JST, Tokyo, Japan 3:京都大学大学院 生命科学研究科 / Grad Sch, Biost, Kyoto Univ, Kyoto, Japan 4:理化学研究所 / RIKEN, Saitama, Japan 

The molecular mechanisms that directly and/or indirectly control the "multipolar phase" in the intermediate zone of neuronal migration during neocortical development are now being recognized, although the importance of this multipolar phase for the establishment of mature cortical cytoarchitecture and the precise genetic control of this phase remain largely unknown.
We established a mouse line with expression of Prdm8-mVenus reporter and found that Prdm8 is predominantly expressed in the middle and upper intermediate zone during both the late and terminal multipolar phases. Prdm8 expression was almost coincident with Unc5D expression, a marker for the late multipolar phase, although the expression of Unc5D was found to be gradually down-regulated to the point at which mVenus expression was gradually up-regulated. This expression pattern suggests the possible involvement of Prdm8 in the control of the late and terminal multipolar phases, which controls the timing for morphological transition. To test this hypothesis, we performed gain- and loss-of-function analysis of neocortical development by using in utero electroporation. We found that the knockdown of Prdm8 results in premature change from multipolar to bipolar morphology, whereas the overexpression of Prdm8 maintained the multipolar morphology. Additionally, the postnatal analysis showed that the Prdm8 knockdown stimulated the number of early born neurons, and differentiated neurons located more deeply in the neocortex, however, majority of those cells could not acquire molecular features consistent with laminar location. Furthermore, we found the candidate genes that were predominantly utilized in both the late and terminal multipolar phases, and these candidate genes included those encoding for guidance molecules. In addition, we also found that the expression level of these guidance molecules was inhibited by the introduction of the Prdm8 expression vector. These results indicate that the Prdm8-mediated regulation of morphological changes that normally occur during the late and terminal multipolar phases plays an important role in neocortical development.

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