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Cutting edge approaches to the architectures of cortical circuits

開催日 2014/9/12
時間 15:00 - 17:00
会場 Room B(501)
Chairperson(s) 大木 研一 / Kenichi Ohki (九州大学大学院医学研究院 / Department of Molecular Physiology, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Kyushu University, Japan)
細谷 俊彦 / Toshihiko Hosoya (理化学研究所 脳科学総合研究センター / RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan)

The effect of visual deprivation on the maturation of secondary visual cortex

  • S2-B-2-1
  • 吉村 由美子 / Yumiko Yoshimura:1,2 
  • 1:生理研・視覚情報処理 / NIPS, Okazaki, Japan 2:総研大院生命科学生理 / Sch Life Sci, SOKENDAI, Japan 

Functional organization of synaptic strength in mouse visual cortex

  • S2-B-2-2
  • Thomas Mrsic-Flogel:1 Lee Cossell:1,2 Maria F Iacaruso:1,2 Dylan R Muir:1 Sonja Hofer:1,2 
  • 1:University of Basel, Switzerland 2:University College London, UK 

Interplay between innate circuits and neuronal activity in the formation of orientation selectivity in visual cortex

  • S2-B-2-3
  • 大木 研一 / Kenichi Ohki:1 
  • 1:九州大学 / Department of Molecular Physiology, Kyushu University, Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Japan 

Canonical organization of a deep cortical layer

  • S2-B-2-4
  • 細谷 俊彦 / Toshihiko Hosoya:1 
  • 1:理化学研究所 / RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan 

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