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Novel molecular mechanisms of release and catch of neural signals

開催日 2014/9/12
時間 17:10 - 19:10
会場 Room G(303)
Chairperson(s) 久保 義弘 / Yoshihiro Kubo (生理学研究所 神経機能素子研究部門 / Division of Biophysics and Neurobiology, National Institute of Physiological Science, Japan)
森 泰生 / Yasuo Mori (京都大学工学研究科・地球環境学 / Graduate of School Engineering and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University, Japan)

Transsynaptic channelosome: Non-conducting role of voltage gated calcium channels for presynaptic differentiation

  • S2-G-2-1
  • Hiroshi Nishimune:1 
  • 1:Dept. Anatomy and Cell Biology, Univ of Kansas, Sch of Medicine, Kansas City, USA 

新規電位依存性ATP透過性イオンチャネルファミリー Calcium homeostasis modulator
Calcium homeostasis modulator (CALHM) ion channel family encoding voltage-gated ATP release ion channels involved in non-synaptic purinergic neurotransmission

  • S2-G-2-2
  • 樽野 陽幸 / Akiyuki Taruno:1 Foskett J. Kevin / J. Kevin Foskett:2 丸中 良典 / Yoshinori Marunaka:1 
  • 1:京府医大院医細胞生理 / Dept Mol Cell Physiol, Kyoto Prefect Univ Med, Kyoto, Japan 2:Dept Physiol, Univ of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA / Dept Physiol, Univ of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA 

Activation signal transmission within the trimeric ATP receptor channel P2X2 and the voltage- dependent structural rearrangements

  • S2-G-2-3
  • 久保 義弘 / Yoshihiro Kubo:1 Keceli Batu / Batu Keceli:1 
  • 1:生理研・神経機能素子 / Div Biophys and Neurobiol, Natl Inst for Physiol Sci, Aichi, Japan 

Novel oxygen receptors in neurons

  • S2-G-2-4
  • 森 泰生 / Yasuo Mori:1 
  • 1:京都大学 / Grad Sch Eng & Envir Studies, Kyoto Univ, Kyoto, Japan 

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