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Stem Cells, Neuronal and Glial Production/Differentiation

開催日 2014/9/11
時間 16:00 - 17:00
会場 Poster / Exhibition(Event Hall B)

Chemical library screening to identify a small compound that promotes motor neurons differentiation from iPSCs/ESCs

  • P1-070
  • 後藤 和也 / Kazuya Goto:1,2 今村 恵子 / Keiko Imamura:2,3 三谷 幸之介 / Kohnosuke Mitani:4 饗庭 一博 / Kazuhiro Aiba:5 中辻 憲夫 / Norio Nakatsuji:5 髙橋 良輔 / Ryosuke Takahashi:1 井上 治久 / Haruhisa Inoue:2,3 
  • 1:京都大院医臨床神経 / Department of Neurology, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan 2:京都大iPS細胞研増殖分化機構研究部門 / Laboratory of Stem Cell Medicine, Department of Cell Growth and Differentiation, Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (CiRA), Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan 3:JST, CREST / Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST), Japan 4:埼玉医大ゲノム医学セ遺伝子治療 / Division of Gene Therapy, Research Center for Genomic Medicine, Saitama Medical University, Saitama, Japan 5:京都大iCeMS / Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Kyoto, Japan 

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