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日本-中国神経科学学会合同シンポジウム:Neuronal signaling for development and plasticity
Joint Symposium of the Japan Neuroscience Society and the Chinese Society for Neuroscience:Neuronal signaling for development and plasticity

開催日 2014/9/12
時間 17:10 - 19:10
会場 Room C(502)
Chairperson(s) 上口 裕之 / Hiroyuki Kamiguchi (理研BSI神経成長機構 / RIKEN Brain Science Institute, Japan)

Non-apoptotic role of caspase-3 in synapse refinement

  • S2-C-3-1
  • Zhenge Luo:1 Jinyuan Wang:1 Fei Chen:1 Xiuqing Fu:1 Xiaohui Zhang:1 
  • 1:Institute of Neuroscience, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China 

Roles of PICK1-ICA69 BAR Domain Complexes in Protein Trafficking

  • S2-C-3-2
  • Jun Xia:1 
  • 1:Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China 

Molecular mechanisms for axon guidance: from Ca2+ signals to membrane trafficking

  • S2-C-3-3
  • 和田 文孝 / Fumitaka Wada:1 上口 裕之 / Hiroyuki Kamiguchi:1 
  • 1:理研BSI神経成長機構 / Lab for Neuronal Growth Mechanisms, RIKEN BSI, Saitama, Japan 

Semaphorin3A regulates dendritic patterning by driving AMPA Receptor Subunit to dendrites and synapses

  • S2-C-3-4
  • 五嶋 良郎 / Yoshio Goshima:1 山下 直也 / Naoya Yamashita:1,2,3 
  • 1:横浜市立大学医学部薬理学教室 / Dept.of Pharmacol., Yokohama City Univ.Sch.of Med., Japan 2:Dept of Biol, Johns Hopkins Univ, USA / Dept of Biol, Johns Hopkins Univ, Baltimore, USA 3:日本学術振興会、海外特別研究員 / JSPS Postdoc Fellow for Res Abroad,Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 

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