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Oral Sessions

Neuronal Differentiation and Migration


開催日 2015/7/28
時間 16:30 - 17:30
会場 Room 9 (Room 3A, Kobe International Exhibition Hall)
Chairperson(s) 仲嶋一範 / Kazunori Nakajima ( 慶應義塾大学医学部解剖学教室 / Department of Anatomy, Keio University School of Medicine )
深澤 有吾 / Yugo Fukazawa (福井大学医学部 脳形態機能解析 / Division of brain structure and function, Faculty of Medical Science, University of Fukui)
  • 1O09-2-1   

Novel mechanism for Interkinetic Nuclear Migration of neural progenitor cell

  • 篠田 友靖 / Tomoyasu Shinoda:1 長坂 新 / Arata Nagasaka:1 樋口 亮 / Ryo Higuchi:2 南 佳晃 / Yoshiaki Minami:2 三浦 岳 / Takashi Miura:3 深澤 有吾 / Yugo Fukazawa:4 井上 康博 / Yasuhiro Inoue:5 加藤 輝 / Kagayaki Kato:6 長山 雅晴 / Masaharu Nagayama:2 安達 泰治 / Taiji Adachi:5 宮田 卓樹 / Takaki Miyata:1 
  • 1:名古屋大院医細胞生物 / Dept Anatomy and Cell Biol, Nagoya Univ Graduate School of Med, Aichi, Japan 2:北海道大電子科学研 / RIES, Hokkaido Univ, Hokkaido, Japan 3:九州大院医系統解剖 / Dept Anatomy, Kyusyu Univ, Fukuoka, Japan 4:福井大医組織細胞形態・神経科学 / Dept Anatomy, Univ of Fukui, Fukui, Japan 5:京都大医再生研 / Dept Biomechanics, Inst for Frontier Medical Science, Kyoto Univ, Kyoto, Japan 6:基生研多様性生物学 / Evolutionaly Biol and Biodiversity, NIBB, Aichi, Japan 

In the pseudostratified neuroepithelium or ventricular zone (NE/VZ) of developing mammalian cerebral cortex, each neural progenitor cell shows nuclear movement along the apical-basal axis correlated with cell cycle called interkinetic nuclear migration (INM). While cell-autonomous molecular mechanisms were reported to be essential for INM, it was recently suggested that cell-to-cell physical interaction also play important role, especially for apical-to-basal INM of G1 cells. How INM of each progenitor cell is three-dimensionally coordinated to maintain the whole structure of the NE/VZ, however, still remains largely unknown. To answer the question, we performed carefully observed the dynamics of neural progenitor cells around periventricular area. We found that the onset of apical-to-basal INM of the newborn G1 nuclei from the periventricular area was not always correlated with the presence of neighboring cellbodies. A mathematical simulation for INM as a group also suggested that cellbody-cellbody physical interaction is not sufficient for the apical-to-basal INM of newborn G1 cells. We also found that morphological alternation of late G2, M and early G1 cells including basal process, cellbody and surrounding apical processes of neighboring cells are correlated with the onset of apical-to-basal INM. These observations suggest the existence of a novel mode of INM for newborn G1 cells, which may play critical roles for the maintenance of the characteristic structures of NE/VZ.


研究助成:Research funds : KAKENHI(22111001)

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