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Oral Sessions

Neuronal Differentiation and Migration


開催日 2015/7/28
時間 16:30 - 17:30
会場 Room 9 (Room 3A, Kobe International Exhibition Hall)
Chairperson(s) 仲嶋一範 / Kazunori Nakajima ( 慶應義塾大学医学部解剖学教室 / Department of Anatomy, Keio University School of Medicine )
深澤 有吾 / Yugo Fukazawa (福井大学医学部 脳形態機能解析 / Division of brain structure and function, Faculty of Medical Science, University of Fukui)
  • 1O09-2-4   Time: 17:15 - 17:30

Blood vessel-guided cell migration during late cortical plate development

  • 田畑 秀典 / Hidenori Tabata:1,2 佐々木 恵 / Megumi Sasaki:2 稲熊 裕 / Yutaka Inaguma:1 伊東 秀記 / Hidenori Ito:1 竹林 浩秀 / Hirohide Takebayashi:3 依馬 正次 / Masatsugu Ema:4 池中 一裕 / Kazuhiro Ikenaka:5 永田 浩一 / Koh-Ichi Nagata:1 仲嶋 一範 / Kazunori Nakajima:2 
  • 1:愛知県心身障害者コロニー発達障害研神経制御 / Dept of Mol Neurobiol, Inst for Dev Res, Aichi Human Service Cent, Aichi, Japan 2:慶應大医解剖 / Dept Anat, Keio Univ Sch of Med, Tokyo, Japan 3:新潟大院医歯学総合神経生物 / Div of Neurobiol & Anat, Grad Sch of Med & Den Sci, Niigata Univ, Niigata, Japan  4:滋賀医大動物生命科学研究セ / Dept Stem Cells & Human Disease Models, Res Cent for Animal Life Sci, Shiga Univ of Med Sci, Shiga, Japan 5:生理研分子神経 / Div of Neurobiol & Bioinformatics, NIPS, Aichi, Japan 

During cerebral cortical development, neurons and glia are produced directly or indirectly from neural stem cells in the ventricular zone and migrate to their final destinations. The behaviors of migrating neurons are well described, and several migration modes have been reported for radially migrating cells, including locomotion, somal translocation, multipolar migration, terminal translocation, and climbing mode of migration (Nadarajah, et al., 2001; Tabata and Nakajima, 2003; Tabata et al., 2009; Kitazawa et al., 2014). Using these modes of migration, neurons born near the ventricle basically move toward the brain surface.
Here, we report a novel migration mode, erratic migration. During observations of the cells migrating from the ventricular zone, we have noticed that some cells moved in a very unique manner that had not been previously described: these cells moved very rapidly and almost randomly within both the intermediate zone and the cortical plate and frequently underwent cell division. These cells frequently migrate along a scaffold of blood vessels, spreading widely throughout the cortical plate. Results of the lineage analyses both in vitro and in vivo will also be presented.


研究助成:Research funds : KAKENHI(25123727, 25430046, 22111004, 25640039, 25122722), the Strategic Research Program for Brain Sciences, Keio Gijuku Academ

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