JNS-SfN Travel Award Exchange Program

Dear JNS members,

JNS and SfN jointly organize a travel award exchange program to offer PhD-seeking graduate students and postdoctoral investigators with an opportunity to attend the annual meetings of their counterparts. JNS provides support to five of its members who intend to participate in the SfN annual meeting, while SfN sponsors five members from United States, Canada, and Mexico to attend the JNS annual meeting.

SfN-JNS exchange travel award winners who will attend this year’s NEURO2019 in Niigata have already been selected by SfN based on the merit of their abstract, CV, and letters of recommendation. The awardees list can be found at:

In turn, JNS will now select five JNS member awardees who will receive up to $2,000 support to attend the SfN‘s 49th Annual Meeting in Chicago from October 19-23, 2019 (JNS-SfN Travel Award application deadline: April 24, 2019). Members who wish to apply to this travel award must have successfully completed submission of their abstract to SfN before sending in their application. Awardees are selected based on the scientific merit of their abstract submitted to SfN, and the strength of additional application materials. Upon acceptance, SfN will provide further instructions to awardees.

Neuroscience 2019 (SfN‘s 49th annual meeting)

2018 Winners

Xiaodong Li (Group of Neural Circuit Division of Biological Science Graduate School of Science Nagoya University)

Tatsuya Murakami (Graduate School of Medicine, the University of Tokyo)

Ayako Ouchi (Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo)

Shingo Soya (International Institute of Integrative Sleep Medicine at Tsukuba university)

Suguru Takagi (Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo)

Please find below the specific guidelines for this award. All application materials must be sent to and received at jns-sfn_program@jnss.org by the above deadline.

JNS encourages participation of members from diverse backgrounds and offers equal opportunity.

Sincerely yours,
Haruhiko Bito
Chair, International Collaboration Affairs Committee, JNS


Guidelines for applications to the JNS-SfN Travel Award Exchange Program

The applicant must meet all of the following criteria.
a) Enrollment as PhD-seeking graduate student or a postdoctoral scientist working in Japan
b) JNS membership in good standing on the application deadline*
c) The applicant must be the first author of an abstract submitted to the SfN Annual Meeting
(*One can become a member of JNS within a few days.)

Events organized by SfN for awardees

  • International Fellows Orientation Session (morning of the Day1)
  • International Fellows Poster Session (evening of the Day1)

The awardees are required to attend all these events. Further information on these events will be directly provided by SfN to the awardees.

Support provided

  • 2,000 US dollars equivalent (the award will be provided in JPY)
  • Award cash is remitted to recipients about three months prior to the SfN meeting.
    Note: The award cash must be used for the trip to attend the SfN 2019 meeting.
  • Complimentary conference registration (SfN will refund the conference fee later) *
    *Abstract submission fee and the membership fee of SfN are not waived.

Method of application

  • All application documents must reach the JNS office (jns-sfn_program@jnss.org) by the below mentioned deadline:

    April 24, 2019, at 12 p.m. (noon) JST

  • All the materials, including the advisor’s recommendation, should be written in English.

The JNS Secretariat will send an e-mail acknowledgement to each applicant upon receipt of submission. If the applicant does not receive any reply within 4 days after submission, the applicant should check with the Secretariat.

Materials for application

  • All the materials should be combined into a single pdf file.
    • File Name: Your JNS Membership ID + your name.pdf
    • Subject of the E-mail: Application to JNS-SfN Travel Award
  • Application format
    • Name
    • Institution and Department
    • Address
    • Telephone
    • E-mail
    • JNS membership ID
    • Gender (Male or Female) (optional)
    • Statement of intent (200-250 words) that provides the summary of the applicant’s motivation and purpose for attending the meeting
    • One-page letter of recommendation from the applicant’s academic advisor
  • One-page curriculum vitae that includes the following information
    • Education and professional experience, if any: please explicitly mention the date when the applicant received (or is expected to receive) his/her PhD degree.
    • Honors/awards, if any.
    • Bibliography of all peer-reviewed and invited publications, as well as meeting abstracts
  • Copy of the abstract submitted to this year’s SfN meeting
    (An applicant must have completed submission of his/her abstract to SfN, before applying to the JNS-SfN travel Award)

The application deadline: April 24, 2019 at 12 p.m. (noon) JST

Contact office@jnss.org for any further questions.