Other membership application procedure

1. Membership requirements and benefits
Membership to this society is open to applicants who are engaged in research on neuroscience or related fields and who agree to the main outline and activities of this society. Members of this society are able to participate in the activities of or receive the services of this society as listed below.

(1) Research presentations at the Annual Meetings of JNS

(2) Subscription to the Neuroscience News, an official newsletter of JNS

(3) Subscription to the electronic version of Neuroscience Research, an official Journal of JNS

(4) Subscription to the book format of Neuroscience Research at special member discount prices

2. Application form
If you wish to apply for membership of this society, please click on the application form link at the bottom of the page, download the form and fill out all necessary items, then sign the form. Membership to this society requires a recommendation from one of the persons listed below. Please obtain the signature of this person in the specified column on the application form.

1)JNS member (regular or emeritus)
2)Head of an academic society affiliated with IBRO or FAONS

If you wish to apply as a Student Member (undergraduate or graduate student), please state so in the specified column on the application form and attach a copy of your current student registration certificate or student identification card.

3. Admission and annual membership fees
The following admission and annual membership fees must be paid when joining this society.
Regular member・・・¥10,000
Student member・・・¥3,000
(+ one-time admission fee upon joining ¥3,000)

Note 1: If you live outside Japan and do not have Japanese nationality, you are eligible to become an Overseas Member. For further details, please go to https://www.jnss.org/en-categories/.

Note 2: We also welcome Supporting Members who have an interest in and support the activities of this society. The annual membership fee for Supporting Members is ¥100,000

[Payment Method]

The Japan Neuroscience Society will charge the admission and annual membership fees on your credit card. Please note that only Master and Visa cards are acceptable. Please send your credit card information as follows (For security, please send your credit card information with password protection.)
You should send your credit card information via email (a single file attachment by email, to JNS at office@jnss.org

Please save the file: Your (Temporal) Membership ID + your name.docx or .pdf.

Title of the mail: Application for the JNS membership

[Final Approval Process]
The JNS membership registration process requires the Director of General Affairs’ approval.
After the formal approval is granted, then your JNS membership registration will be completed and you will be informed of the new JNS membership ID.
If not, the JNS will contact you and return your payment.

Please note;

It will take a week or more to give the formal approval and proceed with the membership processes. If the registered information is insufficient or incorrect, it will take longer than usual.

■ The application form for admission and bank account transfer request form can be downloaded from here.

(Click on the link to start downloading the form)

If you are unable to download the application form and/or bank account transfer request form, please contact the Japan Neuroscience Society at office@jnss.org. The necessary forms will be sent to you.

< Address for application forms for admission >
Secretariat, Japan Neuroscience Society
9F Hongo Building
7-2-2 Hongo
Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-0033
TEL: 03-3813-0272
FAX: 03-3813-0296