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Vol. 163   Feb-2021 Vol. 162   Jan-2021 Vol. 161   Dec-2020 Vol. 160   Nov-2020

O2 tension, acidosis, and cell density modulate neural differentiation of human iPSCs

Activity-based genetic labeling to investigate diverse cortical computations Repeated defeat experience deprives zebrafish of motivation to fight in social conflict Ratio of retained nitrogen and carbon stable isotopes is a novel marker for brain function

by Rina Okada et al.

by Tatsuo K. Sato

by Haruna Nakajo et al.

by Yoshihisa Kudo and Eitaro Wada
Vol. 159   Oct-2020 Vol. 158   Sep-2020 Vol. 157   Aug-2020 Vol. 156   Jul-2020
Special Issue:
The 20th Anniversary of Parkin Discovery
SARS-CoV-2 direct and indirect neuronal effects Heterogeneity of TH-
expressing neurons in the
mouse main olfactory bulb
Special Issue:
Oscillology: Nonlinear Neural Oscillations
Guest Editors:
Nobutaka Hattori and
Shigeto Sato
by Domenico Nuzzo and
Pasquale Picone
by Toshio Kosaka et al. Guest Editors:
Atsushi Nambu, Ichiro Tsuda, and Tatsuya Mima
Vol. 155   Jun-2020 Vol. 154   May-2020 Vol. 153   Apr-2020 Vol. 152   Mar-2020
Devising efficient neural induction methods from marmoset pluripotent stem cells Central mechanism for water-intake induction by increases in [Na+] in body fluids Representations of the other’s place in the hippocampus Special Issue:
Technologies Advancing Neuroscience
by Sho Yoshimatsu et al. by Hiraki Sakuta et al. by Teruko Danjo Guest Editors:
Thomas J. McHugh and Kazumasa Z. Tanaka
Vol. 151   Feb-2020 Vol. 150   Jan-2020 Vol. 149   Dec-2019 Vol. 148   Nov-2019
Molecular machinery driving the evolution of human cerebral cortex Imaging endogenous proteins in brain tissue by in vivo genome editing NBM lesion reduces nociception-induced cortical blood fl ow changes A theoretical model of cerebellar reinforcement learning
by Ikuo K. Suzuki by Takayasu Mikuni by Thierry Paquette et al. by Tadashi Yamazaki and William Lennon
Vol. 147   Oct-2019 Vol. 146   Sep-2019 Vol. 145   Aug-2019 Vol. 144   Jul-2019
Dissociation between accuracy and subjective vividness of motor imagery The ability to monitor pH does not negatively affect ArcLight’s voltage response Sense of being a leader in an interpersonal rhythmic interaction is pleasant for humans International Symposium of Brain/MINDS 2019 Meeting Report
by Nobuaki Mizuguchi et al. by Bok Eum Kang et al. by Hiroka Sabu et al. by Amanda Alvarez