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Deadline extended: JANUBET Primate Neurobiology School

Deadline extended by 2 weeks
Japan and Norway United in Brain, Educations and Therapeutics (JANUBET), a joint project of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Tohoku University and Kyoto University, organize the schools to young researchers and students. The first school was held in Tohoku University on May 11-17 in 2019. The second school was held in Tromsø, Norway on August 11-18 in 2019.
The third school is currently planned on September 10-16, 2021 in Kyoto and Inuyama, Japan.
We welcome participation of young researchers who are interested in neuroscience studies on the primate brain.
Call for application is open from February 16 to March 24.
Please visit https://chen-ho.github.io/janubetpns2020/ for the details and application forms.
Currently, we are planning the on-site school, however, it might change to hybrid or online, depending on the situation of Covid-19 pandemic.
Ikuma Adachi (Kyoto Univ), Ken-ichi Amemori (Kyoto Univ), Dora Angelaki (New York Univ), Tadashi Isa (Kyoto Univ), Masaki Isoda (NIPS), Cliff Kentros (NTNU), Yutaka Komura (Kyoto Univ), Masayuki Matsumoto (Tsukuba Univ), Masanori Matsuzaki (Univ Tokyo), Takafumi Minamimoto (NIRS), Douglas Munoz (Queens Univ), Katsuki Nakamura (Kyoto Univ), Atsushi Nambu (NIPS), Wolfram Schultz (Cambridge Univ), Peter Strick (Pittsburgh Univ), Ken-ichiro Tsutsui (Tohoku Univ), Wim Vanduffel (KU Leuven), Menno Witter (NTNU), Okihide Hikosaka (NIH, NEI)
Menno Witter (NTNU)
Cliff Kentros (NTNU)
Masahiko Takada (Kyoto Univ)
Tadashi Isa (Kyoto Univ)
Ken-ichiro Tsutsui (Tohoku Univ)
Hosts and Suppors:
International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research (INTPART, Norway
Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Biology (WPI-ASHBi), Kyoto University
Graduate Program for Medical Innovation (MIP), Kyoto University
Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University
Contact Address:
Department of Physiology and Neurobiology, Graduate School of Medicine, Kyoto University
(Phone: 075-753-4353, Email: admin-hbfp@googlegroups.com)